The over 100 kilometer Birkie Trail system attracts skiers, runners, bikers, trekkers, and hikers, from casual day-trippers to elite superstars.  The Birkie trail was built for all silent sports enthusiasts to enjoy. The non-profit 501(c)(3) American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation maintains 100% of the trail system.  Donations to help cover the annual maintenance costs are welcome. You can help with a personal donation which may be tax deductible (consult your tax professional) and by joining the Foundation.

Ski Trail Passes

Birkie Trail ski passes are required December – March to ski on any part of the 100+ km American Birkebeiner Trail System.  100% of funds collected go toward our growing costs to maintain the trail.

Trail passes or parking passes for Birkie Trail use are not required April – November, however if you are using the CAMBA mountain bike trails, please consider dropping a donation into the yellow tubes!

Birkie Ski Trail Pass Information

By order of the Sawyer County Board of Directors, no person may use that portion of the American Birkebeiner Trail System in Sawyer County between December 1st and March 31st unless they have purchased a Trail Pass.  Sawyer County grants to the named holder of a Trail Pass a revocable temporary license to access the Trail System.  Funds collected by sellers of Trail Passes are remitted to the County, which provides funds to the ABSF to maintain the Trail System.  Sellers of Trail Passes act only as the agent of the County in collecting Trail Pass fees.

Virtual Birkie Trail Tour

Experience the amazing Birkie trail, named the No.1 cross-country ski destination in the U.S. Explore every section of the trail, including trailside cabins, as you virtually ski from near Cable, WI, to near Hayward, WI. Immerse yourself in the great north woods whenever or wherever you are!

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Grooming Procedures/FAQ's

Check out the Birkie Trail grooming procedures and FAQ’s: HERE

Trail Report-Grid

Latest Birkie Trail Conditions

Each Trail Section starts and ends at a trailhead. Trail Sections are listed in order from north to south on the Birkie Trail. If you are unfamiliar with the Birkie Trail and its trailheads, check out a Trail Map.

Trail SectionBirkie Race Trail TypeDistanceSkate Deck GroomedClassic Track Set
American Birkebeiner TH LoopsBirkie Start area-Lighted 1km loop
-3km total groomed distance
American Birkebeiner to Timber TrailBirkie Skate7K2/17/20192/17/2019
American Birkebeiner to Timber TrailBirkie Classic8.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Timber Trail to Fire TowerBirkie Skate5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Timber Trail to Fire TowerBirkie Classic6.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Birkie Ridge to Birkie TrailTH Connector3K2/17/20192/17/2019
Skijouring Loop at Birkie Ridge1K2/13/2019
Fire Tower to BoedeckerBirkie Skate4.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Fire Tower to BoedeckerBirkie Classic5.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Boedecker to OOBirkie Skate4.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Boedecker to OOBirkie Classic5.5K2/17/20192/17/2019
Easy Strider LoopClassic Only2KN/A2/18/2019
OO LoopsLighted Loops4K2/14/20192/14/2019
OO TH to Gravel Pit THBirkie Skate/Classic9K2/16/20192/16/2019
Gravel Pit to Mosquito BrookBirkie Skate/Classic6K2/16/20192/16/2019
Mosquito Brook to Hatchery CreekBirkie Skate/Classic6K2/16/20192/16/2019
Hatchery Creek LoopsLighted Loops3K2/16/20192/16/2019
Hatchery Creek to Lake HaywardBirkie Skate/Classic4K2/16/20192/16/2019
Lake HaywardBirkie Skate/Classic3KCLOSEDCLOSED

Trail/Groomers Report

Notes and Updates from the Birkie Trail Crew

Tuesday, February 19, 2019 (10:00PM)

As of tonight at 11:59 pm, the Birkie race courses (Birkie Skate, Birkie Classic, and Prince Haakon) are all closed. The primary reason for this is safety. From tomorrow until race day(s), there will be up to 6 Pisten Bullies on the course at the same time. Along with safety, staying off the course also allows the groomers to efficiently and effectively prep the course for great conditions on Friday and Saturday. The best place to test skis and get in some easy training is at Birkie Ridge. The trailhead is conveniently located a couple miles north of Seeley on Hwy 63. From the trailhead there are 3 k of Birkie-like hills to get you ready for your race. The snow that has fallen and the grooming that has been done on that section of the trail is the same as the Birkie Trail itself. Best wishes on a great Birkie Week!

-Birkie Trail Crew

Monday, February 18, 2019 (1:00PM)

Just finished grooming and tracking the loops at the Birkie Trailhead and the Easy Strider loop. Enjoy!

-Birkie Trail Crew

Monday, February 18, 2019 (9:00AM)

Last night we groomed and tracked from the Birkie Trailhead to OO on the Birkie Skate and Birkie Classic trails, including Birkie Ridge. Enjoy!

-Birkie Trail Crew

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Birkie Trailheads

  • Birkie Start Line – 50K (distance to Finish Line)
  • Timber Trail – 43K
  • Fire Tower – 38K
  • Birkie Ridge – Highway 63, two miles north from Seeley
  • Boedecker – 33.5K
  • OO – 29K
  • Gravel Pit – 20K
  • Mosquito Brook – 14K
  • Hatchery – 8K

Trail Profile

The total climb on the Birkie Skate Course from the start line at Telemark to the finish line in Hayward (north to south) is 1,398 meters. The Birkie Classic Course’s total climb from the start line to the finish line is 21 meters less or 1,379 meters.

The Birkie Classic Trail which ends at OO has a total climb of 727 meters compared to the Birkie Trail’s total climb of 729 meters to that point. See chart to right for elevation break down.

Support the Trail

Trail Ambassadors

benTrail Ambassadors are working as an extension of the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation, interacting and educating fellow skiers about the Birkie Trail Pass system. Skiing out and back from various trailheads along the Birkie Trail. All Birkie Trail Ambassadors must be 18 years of age, or older.

Volunteer 4-15 hours as a Trail Ambassador and receive a free Birkie Water Bottle. Volunteer 16+ hours as a Trail Ambassador and also receive a free Individual Annual Birkie Trail Pass for the 2017-2018 season. Volunteers will be provided with a Birkie Ambassador bib to wear and informational notecards to hand out while skiing during their shift. Bibs and cards can be picked up the Friday before the weekend of your shift and dropped back off Monday the weekend after your shift.